Lessons Learned

Riveting Skins

A few pearls I’ve had to learn “the hard way”:

  1. Practice before you tackle the actual job.
  2. Practice regularly
  3. Practice some more
  4. Get the 3x rivet gun.  2x is too fast and doesn’t hit hard enough.
  5. Get the tungsten bucking bar
  6.  Get the “Main Squeeze” hand squeezer.  if you already have a cheaper squeezer, use it for dimpling flanges.
  7. If you’re not sure if its going to be right, it probably won’t be.
  8. Throwing parts and/or tools when frustrated is expensive
  9.  Perfection is often not worth the price.
  10. If you ask 10 RV builders how best to set any given rivet, you’ll get 10 different answers.



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