Elevators (continued)

November 8th, 2016, I finish match-drilling right elevator and thought I’d catch the left elevator up and then deburr and prime everything together.  It didn’t work out that way, as I flubbed with the Left elevator tip rib and then messed up with the left elevator horn and spar as well.

I wound up replacing both elevator horns with the newer version and replacing the tip rib and spar.  I made the tip rib skin from scratch in order to use the old style elevator tip weights and keep from having to rework the right elevator tip rib.


11/8/2016 Finished match-drilling right elevator. Stopped here to begin left elevator with plans to deburr an prime everything together.


12/01/2016 Match-drilled left elevator fwd spar to skin.


12/13/2016 Laid out stiffeners for left elevator.


1/4/2017 Making stiffeners for left elevator.


1/9/2017 Drilling stiffeners onto left elevator skin.

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