Back Riveting


Got a chance to try out the new back-rivet set.  It works so much better.  Also, because it is so much easier to handle than the old one, I upped the pressure a bit and was able to get on and off the rivet quicker, using fewer hits.  They look much better now.


The back rivet set I bought several years ago was neat. Because, it had one side of the sleeve cut flat, so it could go right up against an angle. But, the sleeve itself was easily marred and left marks and bits of debris all over the work piece. In addition, the face of the set seemed slightly rounded and, if close attention wasn’t payed, the set would dance right off the rivet. I found a different back rivet set on Aircraft Spruce. I think it’ll work out better. Can’t wait to see. I’ll update this post once I’ve tried it out.



First back rivet set on right left marks on the workpiece and was hard to control. The new back rivet set on the left has a white non-marring sleeve and a large, ground flat set face.

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