Began Working on elevators on Sept. 7th, 2016.  Had elevator horns powder coated at local shop for $85. I’m also working on the wings.  But, I’m keeping blog posts here separated by category (tail, wings, fuselage, etc…) to make easier to read.


9/7/16  Started on right elevator


9/7/17  Layout for right elevator stiffeners


10/11/16 Right elevator skin and stiffeners primed and riveted


10/11/16 Right elevator skin and frame test fitting.


10/18/16 Right elevator outboard end rib and counterbalance rib checked for square, then drilled to frame. Decided to stop here and complete both elevators together, drilling both elevator horns to their elevator frames at the same time.


1/4/17 Layout and trim of left elevator stiffeners


1/5/17 Layout of rivet holes for stiffeners


1/5/17 Drilling left elevator stiffeners to skin


Pitch trim servo mounted base plate

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