Vertical Stab(v2.0)

Jul 4 – Jul 19, 2016

Wasn’t too thrilled with the first vertical stabilizer I built last year.  The skin rivets weren’t flush.  With more practice, some new tools, and a little guidance from more experienced builder friends, I was convinced I could do better.  Ordering the new parts was a snap with Van’s online ordering.  And, total cost was less than $300.

The finished results is much improved over the first attempt.


Vertical Stab (v2.0) finished!


Main and nose root ribs to vertical stab forward spar. I riveted these last and couldn’t do a decent job with a squeezer or a gun. So, I elected to go with the Cherry Max structural blind rivet. These CR3213-5-2 rivets will do the job just fine.


Vertical Stab all match-drilled and ready for disassembly, dimpling, deburring, and priming, prior to final assembly.


Vertical Stab rear spar final assembly. A couple of those rivets on the hinges were a bit a a pain!

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