Horizontal Stab Finished


Oct 5, 2015. New HS-702 spar halves clecoed with HS-810 and HS-814.


Oct 5, 2015. Measuring the bend angle on one side of the HS-810 with hand-made “go-no-go” gauge.


15 Oct, 2015. Horizontal Stabilizer almost ready to skin.


26 Oct, 2015. Incorporating SB 14.01.31 prior to assembling the horizontal stab forward spar.


Nov 4, 2015. Modifying HS fwd spar channels per SB 14-01-31. This with new HS 405 Ribs leave a “legacy” rivet hole in the HS skins, no longer used.


29 Dec, 2015.  Steven putting final cleco in.  Horiz.  stab ready to be disassembled, deburred, dimpled, and primed prior to final assembly and riveting.


8 Mar, 2016. Dimpling HS skins. Discovered the reason flush rivets on vertical stab skin were all slightly proud was that I was under-dimpling. Putting male dimple die on bottom and using drill press laser attachment on dimpler allows me to dimple solo with other side of skin down below table, out of the way.


11 Apr, 2016. Riveting HS forward spar together.


26 Apr, 2016. Had a heck of a time riveting the nose ribs in the horiz. stab. halves. Finally found help thanks to my friend Roger. Apparently Hank, the guy who gave me some riveting help is a pretty well known crew chief in the Reno air racing community.


12 May, 2016. Checking interference fit between skin and HS-814 fwd spar angle.


12 May, 2016. Riveting HS halves to fwd spar.


18 May, 2016. Horiz. stab 99% done. Tip rib leading edge rivets will require thin nose squeezer yoke. Will see If I can borrow one.


25 May, 2016. The finished product. Horizontal Stab. Not perfect. But, good enough.

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