Head scratching, and shop cleaning

Was going to jig up the horizontal stab like the Orndorff video.  But, something got me scratching my head.  The two HS-608 mid-ribs, and 2 HS-405 ribs, between the front and rear HS spars are not match-drilled to the rear spar.  But, the pilot holes for those ribs come pre-drilled (the ones for the 2 HS-606 tip ribs do not).  So, it seemed the best way would be to lay out the center line on the rear facing spar flanges, and match drill them to the rear spar from the back side.  With the rear spar in the jig, that’s not possible.  And, to assemble the horiz. stab skeleton, all the fastener points are readily identified, so jigging really isn’t necessary until I have to match-drill the skins to the skeleton (older non-prepunched kit).  So, thats what I worked on today.  Scratch’n an a-figur’n. Oh, I did get the 2  tip ribs and one of the mid ribs drilled to the rear spar.  And, I cleaned up the shop a little.

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