Vertical Stab, …Almost!

Got the VS skin drilled onto the skeleton, all parts deburred, dimpled and primed.  But, I’m taking the night off tonight because banging rivets and making loud noises would not be in my best interest right now.  I’ve spent almost 10 hours working on airplane parts in the last week.  Good progress.  But, I still feel like I should have this vertical stab done and have gotten back to the horizontal stab I started back on May 1st (before the first epic fail).


Vertical stab in the jig, at “porcupine” stage.  Now to take it all apart and finnish de-burring, dimpling, and then get everything primed.


Its so gratifying to see that witness mark on the very last rivet hole.  A testament to the fact that all the parts are lined up the way they should be.


Parts all de-burred, dimpled and primed.


Rear spar channel and stiffener riveted together.  Took a little time to practice my back-riveting before tackling this part.  It definitely paid off!

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